It’s all about technique.

I had tried everything out there and couldn’t make fitness work for me.

Determined to find SOMETHING to tone my body I tried an old workout method -The Lotte Berk Method of Exercise (the mother of the barre exercise craze). The method worked so well, so quickly, with fantastic side effects.

The “pelvic tilt” is the basis for the entirety of the exercise practice. By executing the tilt with precision, hardly any effort is required to challenge your body and elevate your heart rate. The secret is in the tiny adjustments we need to make during each (and any) exercise to produce optimal results. Most people are wasting time, energy and money working out “harder.” Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive, punishing, or painful. You can accomplish amazing things and minimal time with proper technique.

Professional dancers and athletes such as quarterbacks, basketball players, baseball hitters & pitchers, top golfers as well as tennis pros have known that tiny adjustments in their routine makes a huge difference on the field of competition, which is why they practice the fundamentals over and over (and over) each and every day. They call it ‘hard-wiring’ the mechanics of movement – those repetitive exercises that are fundamental to their profession. With some it’s footwork, with others it’s a swing, a stroke or a throw. We have all witnessed the results but paid little, if any, attention as to how it is performed and what separates the elite from the average.

Growing up we’re told to “stand up straight.” I always admired Audrey Hepburn for her impeccable posture (and consequent grace.) Unfortunately, most of us lose our posture as we grow into adulthood and develop ‘faulty mechanics’ when we sit, walk and just lounge around. We just don’t think about our postures yet quietly admire the dancers, the models and the athletes and secretly wish we could look the same. Well, I am telling you that you can and I am living proof! From pain to posture – TILT by Oriana is the way to a dancer’s body for non-dancers.

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