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No pain, everything to gain.

Mainstream culture says you have to suffer to be healthy. From extreme calorie restriction to grueling workouts, the list of pain-inducing “health” solutions is endless. The irony is that we start to diet and exercise because we want to feel better, but end up feeling exhausted, hungry, frustrated, and likely injured or too sore. Next comes the relapse to unhealthy habits. By making small changes to the integrity of your posture, you can do fewer reps and get faster and better results with no plateau. Not only is TBO more efficient, it is perfect for those suffering illnesses that make most workouts impossible. I’ve reversed my chronic migraine condition with this practice and the TBO lifestyle. They say no pain, no gain. I say focus on feeling better, and you will.


Looking and feeling great requires unpleasant and even painful exercise and diet routines.


Painful workouts are ineffective, potentially dangerous, and most importantly, unsustainable.

Why TBO?

No Equipment Required

TBO requires no equipment, just a heavy piece of furniture or kitchen counter to use as a barre. With workouts available via video and eBook, the only excuses NOT to exercise is YOU.

Low Intensity / Highly Effective

Intense and lengthy workouts are not only impractical but completely unsustainable. TBO is built on the premise that a gentle and consistent practice will result in better, safer, longer-lasting results - that you can MAINTAIN!

New Mom Approved

By focusing on a pelvic tilt and core strength, TBO helps new moms rebuild strength and connect to their post-baby body with love and patience.

No Plateau

TBO is based on a holistic and scientific understanding of the roots to our overall health. By targeting core muscles and posture, you can do less and achieve better results- with no plateau! Exercise the smart way, not the hard way.

How TBO Works

TBO is a modern adaption of the Lotte Berk Technique – the original barre method from the 1960’s. This low-intensity, highly effective fitness practice is a fantastic solution for anyone with limits on their fitness practice. By combining Lotte Berk barre moves, pranayama (yogic breathing), flexibility training, visualization, and pelvic floor exercises you will strengthen yourself from the inside out – with no sweat!

TBO is taught as a progressive practice of habit-stacking routines, making the practice safe, effective, and sustainable. You will improve your posture, core strength, flexibility, metabolism, energy, and focus. This will improve your performance in ALL areas of your life. It helped me overcome the pain of chronic migraines. What could it do for you?

  • Posture

  • Core

  • Consistency

  • Posture

    TBO is based on the integrity of your posture, requiring fewer reps with faster results.

  • Core Strength

    By focusing on core strength, TBO develops long, lean musculature without putting excess stress on the body.

  • Consistency

    TBO is taught as a progressive practice of habit-stacking routines, making the practice safe, effective, and sustainable.

The Tilt Tribe

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Meet Oriana

Fearless Founder of TBO

I am a badass, a teacher, a student, an entrepreneur and a story-teller. I am also a chronic migraineur. I have healed myself with nutrition, fitness, and an overall obsession with self-improvement. Once I achieved a pain-free life, I realized that it was my mission to share what I’d learned with all those looking for a better way. I used to suffer from:

Chronic Migraines
Disordered Eating
Body Dysmorphia

Chronic Back & Neck Pain
Chronic TMJ

Candida Overgrowth

Through all of the work I’ve done, and ultimately the system for holistic personal growth and progress that I’ve created, I’ve healed myself. TBO is that system and I cannot wait to share it with you. If you can become an “accountability junkie,” you can heal your life. I am proof.






The Results

TBO is about transformation, inside and out. By building strength and connecting to your body, TBO is the foundation that allows you to live your most abundant and fulfilled life.

This is the difference between November’s beta challenge and last Monday. I’ve been letting my ripped rib muscle heal this entire time, I’ve been doing 0 ab work and have been doing the bare minimum in the Feb 30 day TILT challenge but STILL got fantastic results. This is low impact, relaxing, low intensity, energy-respecting exercise that leaves me still able to carry my 25 baby around, function mentally, while feeling good and losing inches. As much as I love killing it at the gym and running, I simply can’t! I love this program and I love my friend for creating it! 💜💜💜 @orianaleo @tiltbyoriana #werklikeberk #TILTmama #tilttotiny my goal after having a baby was to have my body back within a year. Evans bday is on Friday and I’m actually 8 lbs lighter than I was when I got pregnant soooooooo BOOM 👐🏼goal👐🏼

I’ve lost about 50 pounds since starting a workout regimen in June. I did implement weight and cardiovascular training because I was seeking slightly different results for my body at that time. I had been working with Oriana prior to this new training schedule with TILT, and I still wanted to implement the routines into what I was currently doing. I used TILT to help improve my core and stretch out my muscles from the rigor of the week’s work.
I changed the way I was eating too. Clean, organic non-GMO foods were now a priority (Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s became my best friend.) One rule of thumb I relied on was to not eat processed foods or eat foods that had ingredients I didn’t recognize on the wrappers (the chemicals!). If I wanted to indulge myself in a sweet treat, I would have some fruit with dark chocolate or an imported Mexican Coca-Cola.
TILT helped my fitness level improve, helped improve my core strength and made me understand my body in a totally different way than ever before. It wasn’t just different poses and moves that went through the motions, it was understanding my muscles in my body and how they worked in tandem with each other. It was realizing that even though I thought I was in optimum physical shape I had so much more room to grow in my flexibility and awareness.
I could not have gotten this far without Oriana and TILT. I’m so excited for what 2017 will bring for us and the TILT Tribe!

For the first time in a very, very long time, I love my thighs. I mean, I really feel beautiful and confident about them 🌸 I am still looking for them to lean out more as I continue shedding baby weight over the next few months. And I desire to hit my goal weight by end of year. But even at this same weight I was 6 years ago, my thighs didn’t look this good, and I certainly didn’t feel this good about my body.

Thank you TBO and Oriana💕 and thank you #TILTtribe for sharing daily #TILTmama encouragement and support! #slowandsteady wins the race 💜

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