The Lotte Berk Technique

The Lotte Berk Technique is still taught by Lotte Berk’s daughter, Esther Fairfax, in London. There are a handful of studios around the world that teach the real-deal LBT, but TILT by Oriana is your ONLY online source for the technique. The following is Esther’s own description of her mother’s work.

The ultimate design in body exercise transforming your body shape, The Lotte Berk Technique is programmed to work all your muscles. Lotte Berk, the originator and founder of her techniques, trained as a modern ballet dancer. Many of her exercises have been inspired by dance. She uses floor work and bar work. Her exercises are specially designed for non-dancers to enjoy and achieve. These remarkable exercises are for women who are serious about their fitness and their figures, who want results. Lotte believed that the class emphasis should be on fun, having a laugh. Exercise she says can be so boring and she certainly succeeded with her sharp wit and humour.

Lotte Berk came to Britain in 1938, fleeing from Nazi Germany and, from a basement in the West End, founded an exercise method for women derived from ballet training.

Her natural and naughty wit, her straight talk and her no-nonsense attitude won her many admirers.

She was responsible for introducing the pelvic-tilt exercise that has now become so popular in workouts, and insisted on referring to it as “the lovemaking position”. If a student had problems with the maneuver, Lotte would ask with wide-eyed wonder: How is your sex life?

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This woman and her genius technique have transformed my body and my life, and I’m here to bring it to as many humans as possible!

“It is true that everything worthwhile in life is worth working hard for, and surely it is worth a little hard work to achieve a super shapely body that works well, a body full of vitality that makes you feel happy to be alive.”