Meet Oriana Leo

Fearless founder of TILT.

My name is Oriana Leo and I’m the Fearless Founder here at TILT by Oriana. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and on-air host/producer in Hollywood. If there’s one challenge I faced, then and now, it was this: how do I find the time for a workout in my busy schedule that I ENJOY, makes me feel BETTER, and gives me the RESULTS I want? I found it in the Lotte Berk Method of Exercise and her Tilt Technique. I’ve modernized the practice to give us the maximum benefits with the least effort expended, utilizing the latest scientific research on fitness, mind-body connection, neural programming, human psychology and more. I currently live an amazing life in West Hollywood, California. I train clients in-person and online, run my challenges, and learn as much as I can about deepening the TILT practice.

When I turned 30 years old I moved to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of being a TV Host. I quickly learned that the best way to make a living in my new city was modeling and acting, and the pay rates were much higher for bikini work. Now THAT was motivation to continue to sculpt my body without the drastic side effects I’d had from other methods. I wanted to have a sexy body. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to look great in a bikini. I wanted to make a living, and feel comfortable walking on the red carpet or on-set in a bikini. So I did – with TILT!

This technique, when done consistently, will help you get that on-camera look: fit, toned, great posture and the most beautiful figure you’ve ever had. All that and an improvement in pelvic power and sexual performance! It really is a glamorous routine as it can be done anywhere, with a full face of makeup and jewelry on (mid-day workout anyone?) with no sweat, only a fabulous glow.

“Let’s work together to make TILT a lifestyle that works for you.”